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The world of insurance is a necessary and notable career avenue that can provide potential employees with a viable profession but understanding the various types of insurance and acquiring the licensing that's required can be a daunting task. That is not the case with Insurance Training Specialists, Inc. We make it easy. We offer comprehensive insurance classes throughout the state of Mississippi to help you fulfill your pre-licensing educational requirements. Register now to gain the knowledge and confidence you will need to pass the State exam.

Explore Online, Zoom, or On-site Pre-licensing and Continuing Education classes for Mississippi Insurance Agents and prospective Insurance Agents..

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Who Said Getting Your Insurance License Had To Be Hard?

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Life Insurance

Become an expert in the area of life insurance and guide your clients on selecting an optimal plan based on their needs and goals. We'll educate you on the differences between term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance and the unique benefits of each.

Accident Insurance

Learn the ins and outs of accident insurance and how it can assist clients in paying for their medical out-of-pocket costs resulting from an accidental injury on the job. You'll also gain an understanding of additional cost coverage that includes hospital stays, medical exams and other expenses.

Health Insurance

With health insurance being a necessary and mandated type of insurance, it's vital to have a thorough understanding of it so you can be confident in guiding future clients. Learn more about various levels of coverage, the cost of premiums and more with our help!

Property Insurance

Learn all there is to know about property insurance and how it can protect your clients from outstanding expenses regarding their homes, automobiles and other vital possessions.

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